How to Create, Approve and Send an Invoice


This is essentially where a business finally gets to achieve its ultimate monetary goal. All businesses exist to make more money than what is spend to get the products and services, from the planning stage to the hands of the end consumer.

The billing and invoicing module allows you to bill your clients based on the quantity of products, services and bundles you sold to them. This module also allows you to apply relevant tax rates with applicable and offer special discounts to your clients.

Step-1: Navigate

After logging into your Gorelo account, go the “Billing” menu and click on “Invoices” to open the INVOICES window.

Step-2: Click Add

Click on the “+ Invoice” button to open the “ADD INVOICE” form.

Step-3: Fill the Form

Enter the name of the client, select the invoice date and the due date. You can also add in a reference if you have one.

Click on “+ ADD NEW LINE” and type in the product/service or bundle that you would like to bill. You can add multiple lines of products, services and bundles that you would like to bill your client for.

Enter the quantity of the product, service or bundle that needs to be billed. Leave the unit price as it is. Enter the percentage discount applicable. This would automatically adjust the unit price. The total bill amount shows on the bottom right of the invoice.

Step-4: Create, Approve and Sent the Invoice

If you want to create the invoice and leave it for someone else to approve, click CREATE.

If you want to create the invoice and approve it at the same time, click CREATE AND APPROVE.

If you want to create the invoice, approve it and send it to the client, all at the same time, click CREATE & SEND.

Step-5: Access, Approve, Send, Download and Update Invoices

You can access the list of invoices from the INVOICES window.

Here, you can quickly approve, send the invoice to the client, download and delete the invoice without going to the INVOICE DETAIL window.

To go the invoice details window, click on the Invoice # highlighted in Gorelo’s signature Teal color.

On the invoice details screen, you can approve the invoice, send it to the client, download it as a PDF, mark it as VOID, update the payment and view the timeline of the invoice.

You can approve the invoice from the INVOICE DETAIL window by editing the Invoice Status to “Approved.”

Once you’re done making changes or updates to the invoice, click on UPDATE.

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