How to Create a Bundle


Bundles are a combination of multiple products and services that are placed together to create and offer specialized and exclusive packages to different clients according to their needs and relationship with your company.

Our bundles module allows you to combine products and services into a single package. You can create multiple bundles and price them as you want.

Step-1: Navigate

After logging into your Gorelo account, go the “Billing” menu and click on “Bundles” to open the BUNDLES window.

Step-2: Click Add

Click on the “+ Bundle” button to open the “ADD BUNDLE” form.

Step-3: Fill the Form

Fill in all the relevant details on the form.

From the Bundle Type drop-down, you can select whether it is a bundle for products or for services.

Select whether this bundle is taxable or not.

Select whether you would like the products/services included in this bundle to show up on the invoice.

Click on the “+ ADD NEW PRODUCT” button to add an existing product or service to the bundle. You can add multiple products to the bundle.

Step-4: Save the Bundle


Step-5: Access the Bundles and Make Bulk Changes

You can access the bundle details from the bundles list on the BUNDLES window. On the bundle details page, you can individually edit some of the details for that particular bundle.

You can also make bulk changes to 2 or more bundles at the same time. This can be done by selecting the bundles from the list and clicking on one of the attributes available for bulk-change in the top left bundles option bar.

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