How to Add New Products and Services


Products and services are the center of all business operations and goals. Products are tangible and intangible items that can be owned and consumed by the consumers for their benefit. Services are intangible benefits that are the outcome of someone helping you achieve something. Both products and services are used to provide value and benefit to the consumers in return for the price they come at.

This module helps service providers to create and store custom products and services that they can offer to their clients and late bill and make the basis of their earnings accordingly.

Step-1: Navigate

After logging into your Gorelo account, go the “Billing” menu and click on “Products” to open the PRODUCTS window.

Step-2: Click Add

Click on the “+ Product” button to open the “ADD PRODUCT” form.

Step-3: Fill the Form

Fill in all the relevant details on the form.

From the Product Type drop-down, you can select whether it is a product or a service.

Select whether this product or service is taxable or not.

Select whether this product is tangible (physical product) or intangible (digital).

Step-4: Save the Product/Service


Step-5: Access the Products/Services and Make Bulk Changes

You can access the product/service details from the products list on the PRODUCTS window. On the product/service details page, you can individually edit some of the details for that particular product or service by clicking on it.

You can also make bulk changes to 2 or more products and services at the same time. This can be done by selecting the products or services from the list and clicking on one of the attributes available for bulk-change in the top left products option bar.

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