How to Create and Download a Report


Reports allow users to compile and tabulate relevant data into a readable form that can be used to monitor, assess and conclude the performance.

As of now, Gorelo offers 2 different types of report modules, with different report types under each module:

  1. Tickets
    1. Initial Response Report
    2. Closed Tickets of Clients Report
    3. Closed Tickets of Technicians Report
    4. Ticket Status Report
  2. Assets
    1. Asset Added by Type Report
    2. Asset Aging Report

Step-1: Navigate

After logging into your Gorelo account, click on the “Reports” menu to open the REPORT MODULES window.

Step-2: Select the Report Module

Click on one of the 2 report modules available.

Step-3: Select the Report Type

Click on one of the report types available for the pre-selected report module.

Step-4: Export the Report

Clicking on the type of report you want to create will take you to the data settings window. Here, enter the name of the client whose data you want to compile and report, and select the start date and the end date. All data that lies within this date range will show below the report settings.

You can export the report data by clicking on the “Export as CSV” button on the top-right corner of the window. This will automatically compile the data and download the file to your computer.

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