How to Add Integrations


Integrations allow users to combine and converge a set of specialized services into one system that synchronizes relevant data between the different services, and allow users to use all the services without having to share relevant data between them manually.

In short, it helps you use multiple applications and services in combination to offer your clients with the best service and most importantly complete service deals without any hassle.

Step-1: Navigate

After logging into your Gorelo account, click on “Integrations” to open the INTEGRATIONS window.

Step-2: Click Add

Click on the “+ Integration” button to open the “Add Integration” form.

Step-3: Fill the Form

Select one of the 5 types of integrations available.

Fill in the appropriate fields and select all applicable options that appear for the type of integration selected.

For Slack, enter the integration name, target URL and select the events you want the information to be forwarded for.

For Webhook, enter the integration name and target URL, select the integration type and the events you want the information to be forwarded for. Also, add relevant information for the HTTPS headers. You can create multiple HTTP headers.

For SentinelOne, enter the integration name, the target URL and the API key obtained by SentinelOne.

For Xero, simply click on the CONNECT TO XERO button and login to your Xero account.

For ScreenConnect, enter the integration name, instance ID, instance URL and msi URL.

Step-4: Save the Integration

Click SAVE.

Step-5: Access, Edit or Delete the Integrations

Once you click SAVE, the integration will automatically be added to the INTEGRATIONS window.

Here, you can access all the integrations, edit them, delete them or check their logs.

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