How to Add a Node Check


This function allows you to ping and check a device on a particular network to see if it is responding or not. This can help diagnose if there are connection issues or if the device is working fine on the network.

Step-1: Navigate

After logging into your Gorelo account, go the “Assets” menu and click on “Check” to open the CHECKS window.

Step-2: Click Add

Click on the “+ Check” button to open the “ADD CHECK” form.

Step-3: Fill the Form

Fill in the client name field and the name you would like to save this check by, select the protocol type, enter the target link you want to check and the checking frequency (in minutes), followed by the timeout duration (in seconds) and region.

Step-4: Save the Check

Click ADD.

Step-5: Access, Edit or Delete the Checks

Once you click ADD, the check will automatically be added to the CHECKS window.

Here, you can access all the checks, edit them, delete them or check their logs.

Step-6: Node Workload

Click on the NODE WORKLOAD button to open the Nodes Workload pop-up. You can find this button on the top left of the list, under the CHECKS heading.

This pop-up shows all the node checks being performed at that particular time.

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