How to Create and Store a Script


This allows you to create a script and store it in the scripts library so you don’t have to type or copy the script every time you need to use it. This makes the whole process convenient and quicker.

Step-1: Navigate

After logging into your Gorelo account, go the “Assets” menu and click on “Scripts” to open the SCRIPTS window.

Step-2: Click Add

Click on the “+ Add Script” button to open the “Add Script” form.

Step-3: Fill the Form

Enter the name of the script in the Title box.

Write the script or paste a script copied from an external source into the Editor box.

Check the “Run as User” option if you want to run the script as the target Windows account user and not as an Admin.

Step-4: Save the Script

Click SAVE.

Step-5: Access, Use, Edit or Delete the Scripts

Once you click SAVE, the script will automatically be added to the SCRIPTS window.

Here, you can access the script contents, edit a script, use a script, view a script’s usage history, and delete a script from the library.

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