Downloading and Installing the RMM Agent on Client's Device

After signing up for Gorelo, users with admin access can download the RMM agent from the Gorelo web app. The download link can found on the top right corner of the service provider profile. 

After downloading the RMM agent, there are multiple ways of getting it to your client's device. You can use one of the following recommended ways:

  1. Upload the file onto your cloud drive and share it via a secure link
  2. Deliver it to the client's device via one of your on-site technicians

After the agent file has been delivered to the client's device, it can be installed using one of the following recommended ways:

  1. Using the live video support app whereby the technician can guide the client through the installation steps
  2. Run a Power Shell script using the CLI to run the installer
  3. Using a remote access software to control your client's desktop and run installation yourself
  4. Have one of your on-site technicians do it on the client's device

After the RMM agent installation file has been download and delivered to the client's device, the installation process is fairly simple and fast. Please follow these steps:

  1. Double click the installation file. The file will have a .msi extension.
  2. Let Windows configure the installation file.

  3. Click on "Yes" on the User Account Control pop-up asking for permission. 

  4. Windows will configure the installation file again and install the agent. Wait for the installation to complete. 

The device will now appear under the device section of the Gorelo app where technicians can monitor its performance, run commands, kill or start new processes and schedule scripts.

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