Understanding and Subscribing to Alerts


Alerts are used to keep an eye on important errors and messages that might turn out critical and useful in diagnosing an issue on the monitored device at any point in the future. Alerts are made up of specific errors and messages that are manually included in the list by one of the technicians or admins. Errors and messages can be excluded back from the alerts as well.

Here is a quick video showing how alerts work:

Accessing Alerts from the Main Alerts Window

The main Alerts window can be accessed by clicking on “Alerts” in the main menu of the Gorelo App.

Here you can access all the alerts, from all the devices that you have included into the alerts. Each alert entry shows date and time of the alert, the device name on which the error was generated, the type of the alert (System or Application), the source and the message of the alert.

Most of the alert message is hidden to save space. In order to expand the complete alert message, click on the Blue down arrow next to the message.

You can also create a new ticket based on a specific alert directly from this window. To create a ticket for the alert, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Create Ticket” button next to the alert you would like to create a ticket for.
  2. A pop-up “Add Ticket” form will open on top of the Alerts window. The ticket title, client contact, issue source and asset fields will already be filled with relevant details fetched from the device details for which the alert for generated. The complete alert message describing the warning or error will also be filled in the description box automatically. You can assign it to a specific technician, change severity and add attachments among other things that you can alter on the form.
  3. After filling in the missing information and reassuring the pre-filled information is correct, click CREATE. The pop-up form will close, and the new ticket will be added to the tickets list. Email notification will also be sent out to the technician assigned to resolve the issue.

Accessing Alerts from the Dedicated Device Monitoring Window

Device specific alerts can be accessed from the device monitoring window in the RMM module of the Gorelo app. To access device specific alerts, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Assets menu and click on “Devices” to open the list of DEVICES being monitored by the system.
  2. Click on the device name that you want to see the alerts for.
  3. On the dedicated device monitoring window, navigate down to the logs section and click on the ALERTS tab if it hadn’t been selected by default. Here you can you see all the device specific alerts.

You can include specific errors and warning types in the alerts list or exclude them from the list by following these steps:

  1. Switch to the APPLICATION or SYSTEM tab within the logs section.
  2. Look for the error or warning that you would like to include in or exclude from the alerts.
  3. Click on the INCLUDE/EXCLUDE button next to the error or warning message. The button will switch between INCLUDE and EXCLUDE depending on whether it has been included in the alerts already or not.

Like the main Alerts window, most of the alert message is hidden here as well. This is to show maximum number of alerts in a limited amount of space. In order to expand the complete alert message, click on the Blue down arrow next to the message.

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