How to Record Time Spent on a Ticket


As a technician, you can record the time you spent working on a ticket. You can record time for each work-session separately.

Step-1: Navigate

Go to the tickets list by clicking on “Tickets” in the left menu bar.

Step-2: Open the ticket

Click on any of the listed tickets to open it up.

Step-3: Click on "Add Time Spent"

Click on the “Add Time Spent” button located on the top right side of the screen. This is right above ticket status bar. This will open “Add Time” pop-up form.

Step-4: Fill in required information

Fill in all the required fields in the "Add Time" pop-up form. The date, start time and end time. Time Spent will be calculated automatically. You can click on “Add More Detail” to select the name of the technician, select whether this work-session is billable or not, billing role, work type and then click “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the form.

The “Add Time” pop-up will close, and the time spent entry will automatically be added to the time list. Billable and total hours will also be updated automatically.

Final Note

Congratulations! You can now record the time you spent each time you worked on the ticket.

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