How to Create Asset Entries for the Items Delivered


Gorelo automatically creates individual asset entries for items that have been marked as delivered in the purchase order.


Step-1: Navigate

After you’ve logged in, go to the left menu bar of the app to reveal menu labels. Click on “Assets” to expand its menu. Then click on “Purchase Orders.” This will open the Purchase Orders list.

Step-2: Open the Purchase Order

Click on the pen icon on your purchase order entry. You can find these icons in the Status Update column of the list. This will open the Purchase Order Detail page. 

Step-3: Open the "Update Purchase Order Item” form

Click on the pen icon again. This time, you can find it in the Update column of the items table. This will open the “Update Purchase Order Item” form.

Step-4: Fill in required information

Here, if you hadn’t updated the purchase order details earlier, you need to fill in the required fields to activate the “MARK AS DELIVERED” button. The vendor name and expected delivery date are both required to do this.

Step-5: Check the “WARRANTY INFO” option

You can also add in an optional order tracking number or warranty information. To add warranty information, check the “WARRANTY INFO” option. This will expand the warranty information section where you can fill in the information.

Step-6: Click on the “MARK AS DELIVERED” button

Click on the “MARK AS DELIVERED” button at the bottom middle of the form. This will update the item entry in the purchase order details and automatically create individual asset entries for each item marked as delivered.

When all the items in a purchase order have been received and marked as delivered, the purchase order will disappear from the Purchase Orders list. All items can be found in the Assets list in the form of individual asset entries.

Final Note

Congratulations! You’ve completed the process of new Asset Requisition.

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