How to Create a Ticket Remotely Through Email


Ideally, your clients do not have direct access to your Gorelo system. It is important to let your clients share their issues and requests through a more convenient and effective route. It is also important to keep your clients updated with the progress of the tickets.

In order to achieve this without granting them direct access to the system, we provide them with remote updates and remote ticketing options. Both these options are extended to your clients through email, allowing them to create tickets by simply sending in their requests on a dedicated email. This email ID is set and configured within the Gorelo app by you. The system also sends automatic notification and update emails to clients from the same email ID whenever anyone from your team posts a public comment on their ticket.

Before you begin

Before you find this guide useful, you need to create and configure your company’s Gorelo email ID. This can be done from the Settings menu. The email will look like this: “<email ID of your choice>”.

Please follow the guide on “How to Configure and Activate Email for Email Automation Services” if the dedicated email has not been configured in your Gorelo client profile yet.


  • Once you have the Gorelo account email configured and activated, share it with your clients so they can start creating tickets remotely. 
  • It is also important to add all client domains to the client’s profile so that our system can identify which client sent the email and create the ticket accordingly. Without this, our system wouldn’t know which client sent the email and hence won’t be able to assign any client or their contact to it.

The client needs to type and send an email on the provided dedicated email address keeping in mind the following:

  1. The subject line of the email will become the title of the ticket
  2. The ticket description and details will be fetched from the body of the email
  3. Email attachments will automatically be attached to the ticket

Important: The email body should have a problem description to help the technician understand what exactly the issue is, and when and where it happened.

As soon as your Gorelo system receives an email from one of your clients’ registered domains, it automatically converts it into a ticket and sends out notifications to your team letting them know about the new ticket.

Final note

Congratulations! Your clients can now create tickets remotely, without needing direct access to your Gorelo system. Please remember to update your clients with the new email address should you ever decide to change it.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, please visit our support documents or send us a message via the Contact Us form. We will be happy to help guide you further!

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