How to Configure and Activate Email for Email Automation Services


You need to setup your dedicated Gorelo email address inside the Gorelo app. This will activate email notifications and the automatic ticket-creation-via-email feature for your clients. To do so, you need to have an admin role because only an admin can access the Settings panel and implement the following steps:

Step-1: Navigate

After you’ve logged into the app, hover the mouse to the left menu bar to reveal the menu labels. Click on “Settings” to open Service Provider window. Then click on “Email Configuration.” This will open the Email Configuration window.

Step-2: Fill in required information

Fill in the name and email ID fields in the EMAIL CONFIGURATION form section and click “SAVE” button below these fields.

This will configure your email ID into a dedicated email address and automatically enable email notifications on your Gorelo system.

Final Note

Congratulations! Your email address will look like: “<any ID text or value set by you>”. You can now share this email address with your clients so they can start creating tickets by sending an email to this address.

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