How to Comment and Attach Files to a Ticket


Gorelo allows all registered users to comment on a ticket, insert photos, embed media links and attach various types of files to these comments. You can attach any type of file, including document files (PDF, Word Document, Excel Sheet, PowerPoint Presentation), multimedia files (image or video) or even media links.


Step-1: Navigate

Go to the tickets list by clicking on “Tickets” in the left menu bar.

Step-2: Open the ticket

Click on any of the listed tickets to open it up.

Step-3: Type your comment

Type your comment or reply inside the “Comments” box.

Step-4: Click the Attachments

Click the “Attachments” button below the comment box. This will open up the Windows File Explorer.

Step-5: Browse and select the file 

Browse and select the file you want to attach. You can attach any file type here. The attached files will appear as their name tags next to the “Attachments” button.

Besides attaching a file, you can also add in-line images to the comment, so other users can see them right away, without having to click on the attachment separately.

Final note

Congratulations! You can now add comments, replies and attachments to any ticket you want.

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