How to Create a New Asset Acquisition Request


Adding a new requisition is the first step of the asset acquisition process. To learn about the process, please visit this Getting Started Guide on the Asset Acquisition Process. To apply the process, please follow this guide.

The Process?

Step-1: Navigate

After logging into your Gorelo account, go to the “Assets” menu and click on “Requisitions” to open the ASSET REQUISITION APPROVAL(S) window.

Step-2: Click “+ Asset Requisition” button

Click “+ Asset Requisition” button to open the ADD ASSET REQUISITION form.

Step-3: Fill in required information

Fill in all the required fields in this form.

Step-4: Update/Edit custom approval flow

Each client location can have one custom approval flow which can also be edited/updated from this form.

Step-5: Attach files

You can also attach relevant files to the request for other users involved in the purchase process to get better idea about the requested items.

Step-6: Add Requisitions Items

The "Requisition Items" list would be empty by default. To add items to it, click on the "+" button next to the Requisitions Items title.

Step-7: Fill in the required information for requisition items

Fill in all the required fields on the "Add Requisition Items" pop-up form and click "SAVE". The pop-up form will close, and the items will be added to the "Requisition Items" list. To add more, or different type of items, simply repeat this process.
By default, only one contact is assigned for approval unless the selected location of the client has its own custom approval flow saved in the database.

Create custom approval flow

To create a custom approval flow for the selected client location for the first time, click "CREATE NEW" to go to the ADD ASSET REQUISITION APPROVAL FLOW window.

Update existing approval flow

To update an existing approval flow of the client for its selected location, click "UPDATE" to go to the UPDATE ASSET REQUISITION APPROVAL FLOW window.

  1. Add a single or multiple approvers on each escalation level and select the approval rule.
  2. Add one or multiple escalation levels as per the requirements.
  3. After completing the new approval flow, click SAVE/UPDATE APPROVAL FLOW button. The new/updated custom approval flow for the specified client location will be saved in the database and automatically applied to the ADD ASSET REQUISITION form you were filling.

    Step-8: Click on Submit for Approval

    After filling in all the required fields on the ADD ASSET REQUISITION form, click on the “SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL” button to create the request. The request will be added to Asset Requisition Approvals list.

Requisition details can be viewed by click on the "View Detail" button on each requisition entry in the list. This option will automatically be replaced by the "Generate PO" button when the request gets all the required approvals.

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