How to Create a Ticket


We recommend you to first follow the guides on How to Add a New User, How to Add a Client and How to Add a Client Contact and have at least one entry created for each of them before you follow this guide to create your first ticket.

Gorelo allows both, technicians and admins to create a new ticket and it is super simple and fast!

Step-1: Navigate

After logging into Gorelo, click on the “+ Create Ticket” button in the main menu to open the ADD TICKET form. This is a static button that can be accessed from anywhere on the app, making it quick and convenient for users to add new tickets.

Step-2: Fill the required fields

Fill in all the required fields. Gorelo has several formatting and attachment options that allow you to format the ticket description text, add tables, insert images, attach files from your device or even attach media links to a ticket.

You can also click on "Add More Detail" to reveal additional fields and add in more details like the ticket priority and its severity, assign secondary technician, ticket type, tags, source and asset.

Step-3: Add Contact 

For the “Contact” and “Assignee” fields, you will need to have at least one entry of each already available in the system database. If the required contact(s) is not in the system, you can create a new contact(s) instantly without leaving the ADD TICKET form. Here's a quick guide:

  • Click on the Blue user icon in the "Contact" field to open the Quick Contact pop-up form.
  • Fill in all the required fields on the “Quick Contact” form and click SAVE. 
  • To add multiple contacts, repeat the process.

Step-4: Click Create

After filling in all the required fields, click “CREATE”. The ticket will be added to the ticket list where users can access it, edit it or make comments on it.

Table for Reference

Confused with what each field of the form means? Please refer to this table for reference:

Title Name of the Ticket to briefly identify the support issue. For e.g. “Printer not working”
Client Name of the company your organization is providing support service to
Contact Your Client’s employee/representative for whom a ticket is being generated
Assignee Technician being assigned to work on the ticket
Status Status of the ticket. At the time of ticket creation, Ticket Status can ONLY be marked:
  •          New
  •          Active
Location It defines whether ticket can be resolved remotely or it must be resolved at Client Location i.e. Onsite. By default, location is set to remote.
Priority Priority regarding how soon a ticket should be resolved
Severity It indicates the relative impact of the issue on Contact’s system or business processes
Source Source from where Ticket was received. For e.g. Web, Email, etc.
Type Type of ticket. For e.g. Problem, Question, Outage, etc.
Description Description of the support request. It can also include inline images
Attachments Any documents or images that might be required or helpful for working on the ticket
Tags Tags associated with a Ticket
Asset Asset associated with a Ticket
Secondary Technician Name of the second technician assigned to work on the same ticket, if required.

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