How to Add a New User


In Gorelo, users can either have the limited Accountant/Technician role or the wider Admin role.

Only a User with the Admin role has access to the “Settings” panel to open the Service Provider window. This panel is used to manage your company profile, manage your team/users (add or delete technician accounts), email configuration (for email notifications and ticketing), ticket status (to set ticket status email setting), payment details, location and time zone, invoice and tax, labor rates, ticket setting, groups (add and manage different user groups), device actions, client types (to add more client categories if required), contact designations (to add more contact designation categories if required) and user roles(to add more user roles if required).


Adding new technicians to your Gorelo app is quick and easy but only admins can do it, so make sure you have admin access before following these steps:

Step-1: Navigate

After logging into Gorelo, go to the “Setting” menu and click on it to open Service Provider window.

Step-2: Add User

a.    Click on “Users” to open Users window

b.    Click on “+ User” button on the right corner of the Users window to open Add User form.

Step-3: Fill in required information

Fill in all the required fields on the form. You can click on “Add More Detail” to reveal additional fields and add more details about the contact. Here, you can also select the type of access you want to give to the new user. 

  1. If you want to create a new group for this user, click on the Blue user icon inside the “Group” field. Fill in the couple of required fields on the pop-up form and click SUBMIT. The group field will automatically be filled in with the new group.
  2. After filling in all the required fields on the form, click the “CREATE” button. The account will be created and an on-boarding email with instructions and login credentials will be sent to the new user.

Reference Table

If you have problems understanding any field of the form, please refer to this table:

First Name First Name of User
Last Name Last Name of User
Email User’s Login Email Address. Every User must have a unique email address.
User Role Select a Role for the User
Time Zone Current Time Zone of the User
Remote Only Remote Only attribute defines whether this User will ONLY be available to work remotely, or the User can be available to work remotely as well as at Client Locations. By default, Remote Only is disabled so User added can work remotely as well Onsite
Billing Role Select the Billing Role of the User
Work Type Select the Work Type of the User
Hourly Cost Type the hourly cost of the User, if required
Location Select a Location from a list of your Locations
Group Select a Group from a list of Groups you have setup

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