How to Add a Client Contact


A “Contact”, in our system, represents an employee/representative of a Client your organization is serving. When you’re giving support services to a client, it means your job is to help a team of people within that Client’s company. These team members are the people who will need your help with hardware/software related problem(s). Therefore, it is necessary for you to establish a database and communication channel to keep in touch and update one of your Client’s employees/representatives.

Contacts are listed under their Client profile. If you’re creating a contact for a specific client, please make sure you’ve created a profile for that client in the system before you add this contact.

There are 2 ways of creating a contact.

Method 1 - Standard

This is the standard way of creating a new contact from the CRM menu and allows you to enter more detailed information about the contact.

Step-1: Navigate

After logging into Gorelo, go to the CRM menu and click on Contacts to open the CONTACTS window.

Step-2: Add Contact

Click on the “+ Contact” button to open the “ADD CONTACT” form.

Step-3: Fill in required information

Fill in all the required fields on the form. You can click on “+ Add More Detail” to reveal additional fields. Here you can add additional details about the contact.

Step-4: Create 

After filling in all the required fields on the form, click the CREATE button. The new contact will automatically be added to the Contacts list, where your team can access or edit its details when needed.

Method 2 - Quick Contact

This method allows you to create a quick contact directly from the “Add Ticket” form. This method is faster and more convenient when you’re creating a new ticket and you need a new contact for it. On the downside, it limits the amount of contact details that you can enter. If you’re using the Quick Contact form, additional information about the contact can be added later from the Contacts list. A brief guide on the “Quick Contact” method can also be found in the “How to Add a New Ticket” guide.

Step-1: Navigate

While you’re on the “ADD TICKET” form, click on the Blue user icon in the “Contact” field. A “Quick Contact” form will open in a pop-up window.

Step-2: Fill in required information

Fill in all the required fields on the “Quick Contact” form and click SAVE.

The new contact will automatically be added to the Contact field on the “ADD TICKET” form. It can later be accessed and edited from the Contacts list in the CRM menu of Gorelo.

Reference Table

If you are confused with any of the form fields, please refer to this table for reference:

First Name First Name of the Contact
Last Name Last Name of the Contact
Client Name of the Client the Contact belongs to
Location Client Location of the Contact
Primary Email Primary Email Address of the Contact where email notifications regarding mapped ticket updates will be sent
Secondary Email Secondary Email Adress(es) of the Contact
Cell Phone Cell Phone number of the Contact
Phone Phone number of the Contact
Phone Ext. Phone extension of the Contact’s Phone number
Job Title Job Title of the Contact
Department Department of the Contact
Time Zone Time zone of where the Contact works from
Designation The position of the Contact

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