How to Add a Client


A “client”, in our system, is identified as a profile of your client’s company/organization. Under each client’s profile you can add one or more “contacts”. Before you can add a client contact, it is essential to create at least one client’s profile because every contact must belong to some client.

There are 6 parts to a client profile:

  1. Client’s Name
  2. Billing Name
  3. Client Type
  4. Alternate Name(s)
  5. Client’s Office Location(s)
  6. Client’s Official Domain(s)

If you’re confused with what each section means, please refer to this table:

Client Name It is the name of the business served by your organization
Billing Name It is the name used by your organization to address your Client's invoice when issuing an invoice.
Client Type It is an optional field to classify your Client in a relevant category
Alternate Name(s) It is an alternate name(s) or nick name(s) which you use for your Client within your team for internal communication. You can use Client Name or Alternate Name(s) interchangeably system-wide for your convenience.
Location(s) One or more locations of the Client
Web Domain(s) Web Domains owned by the Client. This helps our system in mapping inbound emails to Clients.

Step-by-step guide to each of these parts will correspond to their numbers mentioned above.


Step-1: Navigate

After logging into Gorelo, go to the CRM menu and click on "Clients” to open the Clients list.

Step-2: Click on the "+" button

Click on the “+" button under CLIENTS. This will open the “Add Client” window.

1.  Client Name

    1. Type your client’s name in the Client Name field.
2.  Billing Name
    1. Type your client’s billing name in the Billing Name field

3. Client Type

    1. Select the client’s type from the Client Type options. 

4.  Alternate Name(s)

    1. Type alternate name(s) for your client in the Alternate Name field, if required. 

5.  Client's Office Location(s)

           a.  Click on the “+" button under the Location(s) list. 

   b.   Fill in all the required fields on the pop-up “Add Location” form and click "ADD". You can add multiple locations by repeating these steps.

6.   Client's Official Domain(s)

     a.    Click on the “+" button under the Web Domain(s) list. 

b.    Type the domain name and select its status (active or inactive) on the pop-up “Web Domain” form and click "ADD". You can add multiple domains by repeating these steps.

After you have filled in all 6 sections of the client profile according to the availability of information, click the “SAVE” button at the bottom of the "Add Client" window.

Final Note

Congratulations, you’ve just created a profile for one of your clients. You can now start adding their contacts and start rendering your support services to them thereafter.

Looking for something else? Visit our support documents or send us a message via the Contact Us form. We will be happy to help guide you further!

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