Signing Up and Getting Started with Gorelo

If you found Gorelo relevant to your needs, we feel proud to be able to make it worthy of your time and use. We’re constantly trying our best to improve user experience and make it faster and easier for you to follow.

Some security concerns cannot be bypassed or ignored in the process, so we designed our on-boarding process such that all security aspects are covered without compromise, but also in the fastest and easiest way possible. Users can find relevant guides every step of the process.

When a new user signs up on Gorelo, they receive a series of emails that help them with the on-boarding process. The first email is to verify and confirm their email address associated with the Gorelo account. Clicking on the confirmation button in the middle of the email will confirm the email address.

Once the user has confirmed their email address, they will receive another email with account details and login credentials. They will get a prompt to change their password on first login. Once the user has changed that, the account will be set up and the user will be redirected to the application dashboard.

The new user will get another couple of follow up emails.One of them is aimed to help the new user get started with ease, while the other one is a feedback and follow up email personally sent by the CEO. We promise we won’t spam your inbox with unnecessary emails.Only the few important emails that you might find helpful and appreciate as a new user.

Please follow our step-by-step “How To” support guides to help yourself understand the app interface and all the features in detail.

Our team believes in building an unparalleled user experience and a high degree of relevancy for our current and potential users. Therefore, we appreciate anyone who takes out part of their valuable time to help us with feedback and usage insights.

Gorelo Team

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