The Asset Acquisition Process


The asset acquisition process is common to a lot of organizations and requires a comprehensive data recording process to keep track of all new and existing acquisitions effectively. Here, we will explain how the asset acquisition process generally works, especially on the lines of Gorelo, with an aim to help you understand and get used to the asset acquisition steps and workflow more easily.

The Process?

Requisition Approvals Generating Purchase Order Items Delivery and New Asset Entries

Step-1: Navigate

The asset acquisition process starts with a  REQUISITION request. It is the request a user makes for acquiring a new asset for their use at work. 

Navigate to Requisitions under assets tab (left pane of your screen).

Step-2: Click on Asset Requisition

Click on Asset Requisition, fill in the requisition form and submit it for the approvals.

Step-3: Add an Approver

The  APPROVALS step requires assigned contacts to approve the requisition. These approvals are divided into approval tiers and can only happen in an order/sequence set by one of the concerned users. Subsequent tier approvals cannot be carried out until the preceding tier(s) approvals are completed. By default, your system will have just one approval tier with one approver (client contact), unless a concerned user creates a custom approval flow with multiple approvers.

You can set up a unique approval flow for each registered location of your company. You can also assign more than one contacts for approval at each approval tier. In case of two or more contacts assigned to a single approval tier, you have two options:

  1. Case of AND - All the assigned contacts in the specified approval tier must approve the request to move it to the next approval tier.
  2. Case of OR - Any one of the two or more assigned contacts in the specified approval tier has to approve it to move it to the next approval tier.Once a requisition has received all the required approvals, the system will automatically show the button to generate a PURCHASE ORDER for that request. Clicking the “Generate PO” button will take the user to the purchase order form where the user must verify important information related to the order before creating the purchase order.

Step-4: Mark Items Delivered

Mark  ITEMS DELIVERED when any of the items in a purchase order have been received. This will automatically create separate asset entries for each delivered item in that purchase order.

The new asset(s) can then be seen in the assets list which can be accessed from the “Assets” menu.

Final note

Gorelo follows the asset acquisition process in the same order discussed above. We make each step precise and to-the-point, without compromising on the details required, making it easier and faster to work with.

If you still have concerns or questions regarding the process or how our system works, please feel free to reach out using the Contact Us form or by leaving us an email on

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